mooncat recess

Mooncat Recess is a series of K-12 workshops in which the Holly + The Neighbors team will teach young people art making techniques and skills. There will also be a deep thinking component of each session that will encourage the students to reflect on their work and their voice as an artist in the world.

professor lucky︎

Professor Lucky is a series of community-driven adult art making educational get-togethers geared toward skill sharing, passion passing, brainstorming, and fire feeding. With these workshops, we will provide a schedule of programmed events meant to induce curiosity and creativity among the people of Chicagoland.

If you are interested in being a workshop leader, please send in the following materials:

  • Lesson plan (2 pages max)
  • Statement of pedagogy (300 words max)
  • Supporting materials (e.g. images, videos, writing samples)
  • Proposed workshop dates + location (optional)

You may send the above to We look forward to hearing from you!