Gross Grainy Textures is Ezra Arsenault’s debut solo exhibition presented as a virtual remote experience. Arsenault built an installation on the internet that uses code to tear at your entrails—enthralling the visitor, inviting the audience to fall down the rabbit hole. In order to find your way through this labyrinth, you must realize a path must be chosen. Even though you may choose differently than your neighbor, you both will find yourself moving forward. This is an exhibition of rooms. To enter the next room, you must find the doorway. The doorway does not look like a door. It looks like that thing clogging the drain in your shower.

Kissing Booth was an evening of lipstick stains and spoken word, improvisation and discovery, intimacy and community. It was an opportunity for people to come together over a shared sense of logophilia. With an open mic set up, kissing booth invited folks in attendance to speak, to share something written, to transform words on a page to an atmophere connecting strangers in a room. This event was Holly and the Neighbors’ inaugural exhibition.

illustration by
Shin Moon

graphic design by
Pete Valenti

curated by
Llio Zogra

March 2020-August 2021

Singing on a Sinking Ship defies logic. How is this flying machine high in the sky?  When we say, this ship was sinking, we mean tragedy struck, our ship became helmless—though it also grew wings. The artists in this residency circuit willed this ship out of the ocean and into the sky. They are the community who came together to create something bigger than their individual practices. This residency program spans 76 weeks of one-week residencies. It is artists making amongst a pandemic. It is a reflection of resilience and passion, of creative community.

past residents alphabetized
by first name:

︎︎︎Alex Casso + Tajh Rust
︎︎︎Alison Kruvant
︎︎︎Anthony Orozco
︎︎︎Anthony Sims
︎︎︎Arielle Stein  
︎︎︎Chia Chun Huang
︎︎︎Corey Smith
︎︎︎Courtney Surmanek
︎︎︎DJ Malinowski ︎︎︎Dominique Lear
︎︎︎Emily May Jampel
︎︎︎Eric Capper
︎︎︎Ezra Arsenault
︎︎︎Francisco-Fernando Granados
︎︎︎Hannah Walhout
︎︎︎Jan Rybák
︎︎︎João Pedro Amorim
︎︎︎Karina Mago
︎︎︎Kathleen Radigan  
︎︎︎Kellie Ann Krouse
︎︎︎Khadija Toor
︎︎︎Laura Waltje
︎︎︎Lindsey Parnell
︎︎︎Luan Joy Sherman
Luna G. Reiley
︎︎︎Mahsa Biglow
︎︎︎Mary Boo Anderson
︎︎︎Maya Grace Misra
Mia Morettini
︎︎︎Michael Adno
︎︎︎Paige Alice Naylor
︎︎︎Paula Rondon
︎︎︎Pete Valenti
︎︎︎Pin-hui Chen
︎︎︎Rabha Ashry
︎︎︎Reed Fowler
︎︎︎Sachi Leith
︎︎︎Sara Zielinski
︎︎︎Seamus Carey
︎︎︎Seth Sexton
︎︎︎Shanti Flagg
︎︎︎Spike Bahermez
︎︎︎Valentina Vela Giraldo
︎︎︎Will Zeng
︎︎︎Yannick Trapman-O’brien

graphic design by
Ezra Arsenault

curated by
Ezra Arsenault

may-june 2020

Scream as in whisper, as in be small but in the way so that nobody can pass without tripping over you, as in observe everything away so that everyone else can see through your eyes, as in crouch beneath the dinner table and put cayenne on everyone’s plates. Then we will be able to taste you. Speak quietly but right in their ears, scream as in whisper so that they can’t help but hear you; even if your voice doesn’t register your ideas will. These are the unseen hands behind performance art in Chicago: the Defibrillator Gallery Apprentices

past residents alphabetized
by first name:

︎︎︎fabienne elie
︎︎︎Phaedra Beauchamp
︎︎︎Simone Renate Whiteley-Allen

graphic design
Ezra Arsenault

curated by
Ezra Arsenault

march-april 2020

Stars talk to each other in the massive language of gravity and blinding light, cells communicate in one of fluid and hormonal exchanges. Blood Constellations aims to speak about speaking, as in about the languages entities use to mark their existences on the faces of others, to exert their presence in a world of abundant magnitudes, some receptive some indifferent. Endless worlds and endless words are contained in our universe. Ants speak in pheromones, f*gs in dick pics, women in whisper networks, rocks in eons and water, hospitals in bill notices, genitals in the rise and fall of orgasm, minds in neural networks, and organs in the exchange of blood.

past residents alphabetized
by first name:
︎︎︎cr cooper
︎︎︎Erin Delaney
︎︎︎Pete Sheehy
︎︎︎Rabha Ashry
︎︎︎Seraphina Violet Cueller
︎︎︎Seth Sexton

graphic design by
Pete Valenti

panel discussion
curated and
moderated by
Mia Morettini

Holly and the Neighbors is happy to facilitate a dialogue between Mahsa Biglow, Francisco-Fernando Granados, DJ Malinowski, Laura Waltje, and Will Zeng— five past Singing on a Sinking Ship residents whose work thrives at the intersections of text and image.


There are no words that can truly depict the depths of Ezra Arsenault’s creative process. Though in writing this article, Llio Zogra made the plunge into the deep dark caverns of Ezra’s mind. Rooted in intimate conversation, this prose article was written to reflect the mulitiplicity of a maker’s life. It is meant to reveal Ezra’s journey in a way that provides further entry points, opens doorways to experiencing Ezra’s solo show Gross Grainy Textures.