Holly + The Neighbors is a curatorial collective dedicated to catalyzing artistic support networks in Chicago, IL. We value collaboration, communication, as well as innovative, inclusive, and progressive thinking. Our mission is, simply, to connect young artists in the Windy City. To provide a pathway from one artist to another through devising events and exhibitions. To catalyze cross-disciplinary dialogue that may never have been uttered otherwise. As curators and arts administrators, we understand the importance of organization and organizing in the arts. At the end of the day, we are nerds. And we hope to spread our joy of spreadsheet-making, GCal-scheduling, and exhibition and event statement-writing to benefit our immediate creative community. To not wait for opportunities to arise, but to take agency over our lives, our careers, and to use our skills to make these visions become our collective reality. 

Ezra Arsenault, Founder + Director

Llio Zogra, Founder + Assistant Director

Madison Wilke, Founder + Administrator 

Jonas Eisenbeis, Founder + Administrator

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