Scream as in Whisper 

Scream as in whisper, as in be small but in the way so that nobody can pass without tripping over you, as in observe everything away so that everyone else can see through your eyes, as in crouch beneath the dinner table and put cayenne on everyone’s plates. Then we will be able to taste you. Speak quietly but right in their ears, scream as in whisper so that they can’t help but hear you; even if your voice doesn’t register your ideas will. These are the unseen hands behind performance art in Chicago: the Defibrillator Gallery Apprentices. Please join us in celebrating each of these artists as a part of our In House residency program and culminating in a live show entitled Blood Constellations: In the Flesh which will take place this June/July!

Ezra Arsenault | Chief Curator

Sex Ed 

I’ve wanted to become a sex ed teacher since high school. It feels important. So, in the meantime, we’re organizing a show about it. Everyone needs to learn about the whirling, swirling, undulating mass that is their body and everyone else's body.

Ezra Arsenault | Chief Curator

Gross, Grainy, Textures

Polyps, moldy leftovers, wet soapy clay, air pocketed muscle, algae, a pile of intestines, an organ, trash, rotten pumpkin, orange peel, old shattered egg, dust, cells, dried up salad, surrogate flesh. These are the moments Ezra Arsenault drooled onto my doorstep after asking them the question of what does the phrase Gross Grainy Textures mean to you?

We share a third floor living space. Share an intimacy that puts a microscope to our outlines. What we contain is saturated to the obvious, yet never overlooked, never taken for granted. That rotten pumpkin from our halloween party, the party with a costume requirement, was later thrown over the balcony banister with the hope of its explosion onto the concrete alleyway’s surface. This precarious distance between us and the ground was later replaced by a rusted tin can phone, curiously connecting us to the neighbors on the first floor. Connecting us to the two people who root Ezra and I into the earth.

Earthen moments of maybe you could do some dishes? they’re getting pretty slimy in the sink or maybe you could clean up moon cat’s vomit? it’s getting pretty plastered to the floor or maybe you could pass me the lotion for my crusty knuckle ‘they’, I honestly don’t mind the green hair dye in the sink, sure it looks like mold, but it adds some color to my day. These are the gross, the grainy, the moments we cherish, the heightened realization that there is someone looking out for all four of us. That the multiverse moves in a meaningful motion and made us roommates and neighbors for a reason. The crystal clear notion that without each other, Holly and The Neighbors would not exist, and how extraordinary of an existence this is. How lucky we are.

Gross Grainy Textures is Holly and The Neighbors’ first birthday celebration! We are proud to present the debut solo show of our steadfast captain, Ezra Arsenault. (Otherwise known as Holly of Holly and the Neighbors).

Julie Stopper | Guest Curator