Scream as in whisper, as in be small but in the way so that nobody can pass without tripping over you, as in observe everything away so that everyone else can see through your eyes, as in crouch beneath the dinner table and put cayenne on everyone’s plates. Then we will be able to taste you. Speak quietly but right in their ears, scream as in whisper so that they can’t help but hear you; even if your voice doesn’t register your ideas will. These are the unseen hands behind performance art in Chicago: the Defibrillator Gallery Apprentices. Please join us in celebrating each of these artists as a part of our In House residency program and culminating in a live show entitled Blood Constellations: In the Flesh which will take place this June/July!

Ezra Arsenault | Chief Curator


Phaedra Beauchamp

May 2-8, 2020

Phaedra is a Chicago-based artist confronting the ephemerality of form (corporeal, infrastructural, metaphysical) through attention to the dissonance of empirical perception... When was the last time you looked like yourself?





May 2-8, 2020