Ezra Arsenault

Exhibition: October 13, 2020—January 1, 2021

Residency: September 1-October 12, 2020

Gross Grainy Textures is Ezra Arsenault’s debut solo exhibition. Presented as a virtual remote experience, Arsenault built an installation on the internet that uses code to tear at your entrails—enthralling the visitor, inviting the audience to fall down the rabbit hole. In order to find your way through this labyrinth, you must realize a path must be chosen. Even though you may choose differently than your neighbor, you both will find yourself moving forward. This is an exhibition of rooms. To enter the next room, you must find the doorway. The doorway does not look like a door. It looks like that thing clogging the drain in your shower.


Ezra Arsenault grew up in Southwest Virginia amongst the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. They received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Ezra assisted Oliver Jeffers with a performance of The Dipped Painting Projects at Mana Contemporary Gallery and Joseph Ravens with an iteration of Condom Cloud at Art AIDS America Chicago. After completing the Apprentice Program with Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery, Ezra went on to document many performances for the gallery including Rapid Pulse International Performance Festival. As a performance artist, they have participated in the show Piss and Vinegar at Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery and their work for Power Ouch Performance Festival at Links Hall was highlighted by See Chicago Dance. Ezra is the Print Production Director and an Artistic Direction Editor at Black Widow Books, a global residency program and art and publishing house. They are a founder and the Director of Holly and The Neighbors, a Chicago Based Community of Artists and Curatorial Collective.