Singing on a
Sinking Ship

illustration by
Shin Moon

graphic design by
Pete Valenti

curated by
llio sophia

Singing on a Sinking Ship defies logic. How is this flying machine high in the sky?  When we say, this ship was sinking, we mean tragedy struck, our ship became helmless—though it also grew wings. The artists in this residency circuit willed this ship out of the ocean and into the sky. They are the community who came together to create something bigger than their individual practices. This residency program spans 76 weeks of one-week residencies. It is artists making amongst a pandemic. It is a reflection of resilience and passion, of creative community.

llio sophia, Curator


Sex Ed

graphic design by
Pete Valenti

curated by
Ezra Arsenault
Mia Morettini
llio sophia
Will Zeng

designed by
llio sophia

An ambitious process unfurls in the humid summer months—six artists, six residencies, twelve weeks, an online exhibition, and a discussion with the artists. The process wraps around individual endeavors to re-tool, reaffirm boundaries, and shift syntactical modes of knowing and feeling, endeavors to ultimately reimagine and strengthen the community around sex.

Mia Morettini, Curator

29 Lives

Mindmaps are cobwebs, tangles of silken threads enticing passers by. llio weaves relentlessly to keep up with their apetite, not for prey but weaving itself.

This exhibition explores the contents of a 13 year archive and re-spins it into one network. To view it all you must navigate 2+X. Navigate by clicking on text or image and be taken to the next page.

Ezra Arsenault, Curator and Exhibition Designer

Blue Wavs

James Slay


video composer
llio sophia

With social distancing keeping them apart, James and llio still discovered ways to collaborate. James invited llio to compose a video for his upcoming song Blue Wavs after seeing llio’s art house style of filmmaking. llio invited James to send them videos from his phone archive. llio experienced an intimate view into James’ life, friendships, and love. Magic. In a time of emotional turbulence, this creative connection with a stranger provided llio a newfound sense of hope for the future.

llio sophia, Collaborator

Sal Moreno

location | chicago, us
AIR July 27 – August 2, 2021

Sal Moreno is an interdisciplinary artist based in Chicago who engages with computation, video, sound and performance. He generates work that speculates how the modes of expression within various traditions and cultures are shifting in the presence of emerging technologies, such as VR, AR, sound synthesis and motion capture tools. Sal spent his early undergraduate years involved in competitive percussion ensembles in circuits such as Winter Guard International and Drum Corps International. He has exhibited live performances at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, including the New Blood XIV Performance Festival and the Impact MFA Performance Festival. He has shown work as part of a United Nations conference in NYC, and also has participated virtually in collaboration with artists from the UK and Brazil which produced work reaching international audiences.

Sal earned his BA from UC San Diego in Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts and has recently earned his MFA from School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Art and Technology Studies.

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location | chicago, us
July 24 – August 6, 2021

Steve Emrich was born in 1998 in Evanston, Illinois, and has since moved to Chicago where they now live and work. They are currently in their final year at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where they will graduate with a focus in fiber art in the Fall of 2021. Drawing from their relationship with memory and trauma, Steve’s life revolves around excavating and honoring the wisdom of their nervous system through rituals of movement, breath and body attunement. The result is an art practice that is a concentrated byproduct of their body.
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Exhibiting Artist


Released January 29, 2021

llio sophia is an individual who radiates astrophysicist energy. Everyone always assumes sunflowers are llio’s favorite flower, and they’re not wrong. They have unexpectedly received sunflowers at birthdays, openings, and once was gifted two bouquets at a going away party from two different people. When they were first hospitalized for psychosis, they pulled those same bouquets out of their pockets. They recited To Love! by Florbela Espanca by memory, by heart. llio is a self-taught poet who spends their summers lifeguarding at the local swimming pool and their winters drinking too many cups of coffee. In the springtime they try not to slaughter flowers and during the autumn they fall in love with the fire of their surroundings, every year, all over again. 
llio cherishes their position as captain dream schemer at Holly and the Neighbors.

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location | chicago, us
Released April 28, 2021

Photography by
B Modi Design LLC

James Slay is a Hip-Hop/R&B artist born and raised on the Northside of Chicago, IL. His passion for making music is driven by the desire to connect people from diverse backgrounds through music. Art in general can be insightful to a culture, and to James music can be one of the most insightful art forms because by listening people are experiencing the culture in a way. Although everyone's experiences are different, he believes a song can be common ground for people to relate across the world. This logic along with natural curiosity led him to experiment with different genre combinations. Currently, James is honing in on his performance skills and preparing to release his latest House/Hip-hop fusion EP Perry’s House of Pain.

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