Stars talk to each other in the massive language of gravity and blinding light, cells communicate in one of fluid and hormonal exchanges. Blood Constellations aims to speak about speaking, as in about the languages entities use to mark their existences on the faces of others, to exert their presence in a world of abundant magnitudes, some receptive some indifferent. Endless worlds and endless words are contained in our universe. Ants speak in pheromones, f*gs in dick pics, women in whisper networks, rocks in eons and water, hospitals in bill notices, genitals in the rise and fall of orgasm, minds in neural networks, and organs in the exchange of blood.

Seraphina Violet Cueller

April 18-24, 2020

Erin Delaney

April 11-17, 2020

Pete Sheehy

April 4-10, 2020

cr cooper

March 28-April 3, 2020

Rabha Ashry

March 21-27, 2020

Seth Sexton

March 14-20, 2020