Holly and the Neighbors  is a network of pheromonal links, of words as uttered through the body, sound and smell becoming history once it exits our throats. It is also the touching of lips to forehead or cheek, whichever you are more comfortable with. It is a dense colony— of  slightly intoxicated hearts beating in a living room— of ones and zeros. It is  mandatory costumes, or one will be provided for you.  It is a whisper that moves from person to mic, eventually becoming brain matter.  It is a hand in a hand. Holly and the Neighbors began as a phrase. It oscillates from phrase, to physical, to digital. We are a curatorial collective, exhibition space, residency program, and classroom interested in creating community in Chicago, IL.


Ezra Arsenault: Founder, Director, and Head Curator

Llio Zogra: Founder and Curator

Madison Wilke: Founder and Administrator

Jonas Eisenbeis: Founder and Administrator